DIY Harry Potter Kindle Cover

When I was trying to find a cover for my Kindle Fire I saw one I really liked because it looked like a book. However, it was $40 which I wasn’t willing to spend.

It did get me thinking though. A book shaped cover would be great but one that looked like my favorite book would be even better!
The idea for the Harry Potter Kindle cover was born!

First you need the hard cover off of a book. It doesn’t mater which book because you won’t see it. I went to the library’s used book sale and compared my kindle to hardcover books until I found one the right size, I’d imagine you could find something in the bargain section of a book store too.

Then you need to remove the pages from the book so you just have the hard outer cover. Mine came out pretty easy with an exacto knife. The inside paper did get a little torn but again, it doesn’t matter because you are going to cover it up.

At this point I took the dust jacket from an extra copy of Sorcerer’s Stone and wrapped it around the cover, hot gluing it in place. You have to fit it on when the book is closed, which will make it a little loose when opened flat.


Then I got some got some scrapbooking paper and glued it inside. I chose the key pattern as a homage to Harry’s key chase.
I used ribbon to cover the rough edges using hot glue. You have to sort of fold the corners to keep it neat.
Then I attached velcro to the back of the kindle and the inside of the holder.
Also glue two strips of ribbon under the paper. Do this before you add the scrapbook paper. You will use these to tie the cover shut.


Here is the Kindle inside:


Tied shut!


And viola! My new Harry Potter kindle cover (the cover is a little off though so it says Harry Potte *snort*).


This has held up really well. The Velcro holds the kindle securely in place, comes off the back of the kindle easily if necessary (as I found out when the kindle died an I had to exchange it) and it’s comfortable to hold. The only thing is next time I will use darker ribbon, this one got kind of grungy!


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