Fandon Felt Hoops

I’m so excited that I can finally share these!! I had been holding off since I made the first couple for a craft swap and I didn’t want to reveal anything before my giftee received hers.

Well, she got ’em so now you get to see ’em too!

These are your basic hoop felt art (google it) with a geeky twist. You need embroidery hoops, fabric to fit inside them (I bought some fat quarters-got two 6″ hoops out of each one), sheets of craft felt in various colors, thread (you can use embroidery floss or regular thread), embroidery needle, scissors, buttons and some stuffing.


So, you stretch the fabric onto the hoop, cut the pieces of felt out to make your picture and lay them out.


then you pin the felt pieces in place (trust me don’t skip this)…


and then stitch everything together!


As you can see I’ve stuffed Pikachu’s body to make it a little 3-D.  I just stitched most of the way around then stuck some wool in there and finished sewing him up.

Here’s a close up.


To finish these off you just trim the fabric to about an inch around the hoop, hot glue it to the inside of the hoop nice and tight. I’m just starting here, continue all the way around.


Then cut another piece of felt to fit over the back and hot glue it on.


I had a lot of fun making those first two and quickly made more.

fh2 DSCF1713

DSCF1695 DSCF1696

Frankly I’m rather obsessed with these! They are so easy and cute!


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