Peep Jousting for fun and education

The boy and I have been studying heat energy and transfer in our homeschool. One way to demonstrate the concept of how gasses expand when heated is to heat a marshmallow in the microwave. The air in the marshmallow (of which there is a lot!) gets hot and expands and this, along with the softened sugar walls of the marshmallow, allow the marshmallow to grow.

A bunch.

What’s even better than a plain marshmallow that gets huge and puffy? A chick shaped marshmallow that gets huge and puffy!

And what’s even better than that? Two such marshmallows locked in mortal combat.



Sir Peepigan and Sir Chick of Marshmallow prepare for battle!


Their swords are at the ready. Er…their floss pics that is. Traditionally peep jousting is done with toothpicks but I didn’t have any.

The premise of peep jousting is simple. Put two peeps on plate and arm them, then put them in the microwave and turn it on. The peeps will swell and eventually one of the peeps will pierce the other and cause it to deflate. The piercer is the winner.

Our knights fought valiantly indeed, but alas, in the end there were no survivors!


When we fought two of their fellow knights the results were more conclusive.


Although it appears that Sir Smoosh may have perished from heat exhaustion because Sir Surcre’s sword is suspiciously clean.

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