Geeky Valentines

I signed up to send some homemade Valentines car out to some of the members of one of my crafting boards and tonight was the night I decided to make them!

These are nothing fancy because I really didn’t have much to work with, but I did put my heart (and my inner geek) into them and I hope the recipients like them.

Onto the project!!!


As you can see I did one with a Harry Potter theme. I got the printable from Love & Lion, but more on that later.

First thing I did was pick out some scrapbook paper. Then I took a leftover Christmas card and traced it on the back of a different piece.


You can’t tell from the picture, but I traced the card twice, side by side so I could fold it twice and only the patterned side of the paper would show.

Paper cut and folded once…


and twice…


That isn’t the paper I used. I wanted to do a test card.  Good thing too…


I tried again, slightly smaller and it worked!


Now for the fun part!

For my Harry Potter card I glued the printable inside…


and glittered that sucker up!


For the Sherlock card I simply cut a heart out of some paper with the 221B wallpaper printed on it and glued it inside the heart then drew on the yellow smiley.


I didn’t glitter this one, it just seemed wrong to do so 😉

On the front of both cards I wrote a Valentine message and on the inside I included a simple TO: and FROM:

I think they came out pretty well and I hope the ladies who receive them think so too!


Graphic Fandom Art-The X-Files

X-Files was my first fandom. Well, after Scooby Doo 😉

I loved Doctor Who, I was immersed in X-Files.

I was in love with Mulder, I wanted to be Scully. I bought companion books (this was before I was on-line). I watched with baited breath every week. I knew the characters, in and out, backwards and forwards. I developed a bit of an obsession with cryptozoology.

I KNEW the truth was out there!

My fanaticism has faded a bit over the years, but Mulder and Scully will always hold a special place in my heart.

X-files had to be part of this project, but I wasn’t sure how. Thing is, I had kind of made a deal with myself when I began this to not use any text on the canvases. I wanted to not make it obvious what they were. I wanted people to have to think about it.

This text ban left out the obvious things like Mulder’s posters or the logo. I tried to copy the X part of the logo without the text but I just made a mess of it.

In the end I decided to replicate, in some way, the masking tape X in the window.

First I painted the canvas, grey again because it’s night…duh!


Decided to turn it portrait and then added a window to the upper left corner and added my X.


I kind of wonked up the upper corner there.

Then I drew a line down next to it to signify the corner of the building. Well, at least to me.


Then I drew my version of the Cigarette Smoking Man in the lower right corner. At first I tried to make it so he was holding his cigarette, but that looked like he had a glowing tumor on his shoulder so I painted it over and put the cigarette in his mouth.


The paint is still a little wet here, thus the smudgyness.

Here is a view of the whole thing…


I liked it…but you really couldn’t see the window from far away. Plus I felt like there should be light inside the window.

My solution was to color wash the inside of the window with the lighter grey. Then I had to re-draw the window lines and the X.

Here is the finished project!


I really like how it turned out! Especially considering the mess I made of the logo, which may or not have looked like white lady bits someone had infected with black amoeba. Yah, this is much better 🙂

This marks the last of my Fandom art projects. I’m getting kind of tired of them truth be told. Plus I’m out of canvases.

Here they all are!

DSCF0657  DSCF0642  DSCF0629  DSCF0605  DSCF0607

And here they all are on the wall!


Graphic Fandom Art-Doctor Who

Those of you who are hoping for bow tie themed or something featuring fish fingers and custard are about to be disappointed. I love Ten and Eleven as much as the next gal but when I think of The Doctor, I think of jelly babies, K9 and very long, multicolored scarves.

Number Four is my Doctor.

Ah…Tom Baker! (that’s his face when he saw my finished project-sorry Tom.)

Brings back memories of sitting on the living room floor with my brothers waiting for the weekly episode to start…”woo-eee-ooo”

Yah, I’m old.

I knew that I wanted to recreate the scarf in some form.  Since these projects are supposed to be very simple, almost to the point of only being understood by someone “in the know”, I knew the color sequence would be the key. Of course while I was at the store I forgot my color list. The one I looked at on my phone called for mustard, bronze, camel, grey, rust, purple and green.  I got all those colors only to realize when I compared them to the real scarf that they were too bright by a mile.

Since when has inaccuracy stopped me?


The pattern I used was the Official BBC pattern on I used the first one.

The method to my madness was this:

First I divided my canvas into three columns. Then I took the length of the canvas, multiplied it my 3. Then I added up the total of rows in the pattern, divided the number of inches by the number of rows and got a measurement for each row. While laying out the rows I multiplied the row measurement by the number of rows for that color and marked it off. I then labeled each section with a dot of color.


Sound like a good plan doesn’t it? Well, my math must have been off because when I got to the end of my third row I still had several rows left to do. At that point I improvised, by which I mean I went rogue and made the last few rows the way I wanted them to look.

I figured that if I had the colors wrong I didn’t need the pattern to be exact, right?

OK. time to fill those suckers in!


This process was not with issues (you are shocked I know). Even though I had paint pens, it was very hard to stay in the lines. Plus I had to use regular paint for the purple and I couldn’t get good coverage. Then I smudged the not yet dry paint in a couple of spots.


I covered a lot of the rough edges by drawing black lines between the columns, and that neatened it up a bit, but I was decidedly “meh” about the project at this point.

I decided to clean up the outer edges by painting them charcoal. Then I got the idea to tone down the bright colors by color washing the whole canvas with the same charcoal color. I also turned it so it’s portrait rather than landscape.


I like it sooo much better now 🙂  The colors are much closer and the color wash hides my smudges and any pencil line that were showing through the lighter colors.

Tom Baker might not approve, but I do 🙂

Graphic Fandom Art-Miyazaki

Another thing I am a big fan of is Miyazaki. I absolutely LOVE his films!

I could wax philosophical for hours about Nausicaa, Totoro, Kiki and even Porco Roso! My favorite though has got to be Spirited Away. It’s just so beautiful, and amazing! That’s probably why I decided to make a No Face picture.

We can skip the painted canvas picture this time…same deal, different color. I chose a charcoal grey this time.


As you can see, I now have paint pens!!

I first sketched an outline of No Face onto the painted canvas with a pencil. I used a serving spoon to get the oval shape of No Face’s, well, face, then I colored it in with the white paint pen.


The white pen didn’t give good coverage over the charcoal paint, but after painting over some spots it came out pretty well. The pen was great for the edges though.

Next I used the black pen to color his robe in.  This worked better but would have taken a really long time to try and over every inch with the pen. I ended up scribbling heavily in small areas and while it was wet, spreading it out with a sponge brush.


It worked really well and still let me have control around the edges.

For his face a drew first with a pencil, then colored in with a paint pen. I used black and a lighter grey.


He isn’t perfect; his eyes are a little off, his face needs more coverage and his robe is a bit wonky, but I like my No Face 🙂


Graphic Fandon Art-Harry Potter

This was so simple and I think it came out really cool looking!

As you have probably gathered by the many Harry Potter crafts on this blog, we are big fans! We are, in fact, huge, dressing up for premieres, knowing our house, arguing about cannon fans. I could not leave HP out of my fandom project!

Trouble was, there are a lot of icons associated with Harry Potter. Of course, some are simpler to draw then others and judging by my last attempt I needed something really simple. In the end I went about as simple as you can get and chose the Deathly Hallows symbol.

I gathered my supplies once again!


Then I painted the canvas. I chose a background of Ravenclaw blue.


Once that was dry, I needed to get the symbol on there.  I considered painting it but I didn’t want to try and use the paintbrush again. I still didn’t have a paintpen, but I did have something almost as good…a whole mess of sharpies! I dug through that sucker and decided on a silver metallic sharpie. I would have used bronze but it was dried up.

First I measured and marked out the triangle points and marked them as well as the midpoint of the bottom for the elder wand line.


Then I connected the lines. Now I had to make the circle. No way was I going to attempt that freehand so I traced a drinking glass.


Pretty good, huh? I really like how this came out. Simple, easily recognized, neat looking. I’m pleased 🙂

There’s a little sharpie smudge in the middle there which I will probably paint over at some point but not now because I already cleaned up the paint and junk.