Felt Kittens

I am working on a project that I can’t share yet.

It’s driving me CRAZY!!

In the meantime I have been playing with some felt. There are so many little felt doo-dads you can make; flowers, Christmas ornaments, hoop pictures…some are simple while some are covered in embroidery.

I opted for cats. I went for simple.

Basically I cut out two vaguely cat shaped pieces of felt, stitched on some bead eyes and embroidery nose, mouth and whiskers and Viola! A kitten!


I gave it paws too but I really like them.Plus my blanket stitching sucks.

I tried again and came up with this little guy…


My stitching is either much better or more disguised by using matching thread. Either way I like him a lot better.

Flush with success I decided to make another.



Should have quit while I was ahead.

Let me explain the wonky eye. I chose the dark blue beads and then after I sewed the first one on I discovered I lost the second one. I couldn’t find another one like it, and I was too lazy to find a new pair so I just used the closest bead to it I could find.  So sue me.

Also turns out my stitching is maybe not improving so much.

Oh yeah…they have tails too!


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