Summer Sand Globe

My contribution to the Pintester Movement 2.0 This is where I attempt a pin already attempted by the great and powerful Pintester, Sonja Foust.

So I decided to try this pin: Stemware snow globes from Family Chic


If you would like to see the Pintester take on this pin head over there and see it! Just follow this link!

I decided that even though the Pintester says that snow globes are classy any time of year, I wanted to put a summery twist on mine. I decided the way to do that was by making mine a “sand globe”.
We headed to the beach in search of sand and a few shells and other doo-dads. Problem was, it was high tide. What you see above is pretty much what we saw.
Wet sand. …
No doo dads.
After a walk down the beach (most of it nearly knee deep in water) we did find a small section of dry(ish) sand.

We decided to stop and build some nice sand animals, then we put some of it in a ziplock, looked around the rocks that were still dry and managed to find some other objects appropriate for a sand globe.

At home I gathered my wine glass, the plastic I used as a bottom (I was afraid that cardboard would get ruined if the sand was still a bit damp) and my bag of beach stuff.

I went through all the stuff in my bag, trying them out to see if they fit inside the glass and if I liked how they looked. In the end I chose a small piece of beach wood, some shells and seaweed.

My plan was to glue the wood and seaweed to the plastic then place the small shells and sand in the glass. I put the shells in first and then poured the sand into the glass.
I then traced the wine glass on the plastic (and yes I had to do this upside down because the glass was full of shells and sand) and cut out the circle. I placed the wood piece and seaweed and attached it with epoxy.
(Oh, …did I not mention I was out of glue for the glue gun? Yup. No glue. But I did have left over 5 minute epoxy so I decided to use that)
I didn’t get a picture of the seaweed and wood glued to the plastic top but that’s probably just as well because when I tried to glue it to the top of the glass they fell off and landed in the sand.
Apparently I didn’t let it dry long enough or something.
It didn’t turn out so badly though….right? It would have been better with some color, like some sea glass but it was high tide and the only colorful thing I found was a yellow coffee stirrer. It’s not boring, it’s natural…yeah, that’s it. Rustic.

It also would have been better if things would have stayed where I put them but…yeah.

And please ignore the plastic overhang (underhang?) on the bottom.

I also miscalculated, apparently. It may or may not have had something to do with tracing it upside down.

I added a bit of ribbon and a beachy blue candle and I think it turned out pretty cute! Plus, since nothing is actually glued on you can shake it up and change it around.

Just remember to take the candle off first because if it falls on the floor it can roll really quickly away from you and also get a big ugly dent. Not that I have any first hand experience with that or anything…

(Just please ignore the glob of sand covered glue along the back there. Cuz apparently epoxy runs.).

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