More painted canvases.

It’s actually relatively warm around here (we reached 60F today!), snow is all melted and the ice is off the lake.

Oh yes, spring is here.

I wanted to make something cheerful for my wall and since my hubby bought my some canvases I could do so pretty easily.

I wanted something based of this quote…

“When you look at a field of dandelions you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes.”

I have no idea who said this, but it really resonated with me.

Lets get down to the crafting.

First I painted a canvas.


Once that was dry I wrote the quote on in pencil


I can quickly see the whole quote wasn’t going to fit where I wanted it to. The solution? Shorten it a bit!

Once I got then words situated, I traced them in black sharpie and drew on the dandelion. My handwriting is still a little shaky since I just learned to write with my left hand. It adds to the homemade-ness…yah, let’s go with that!


I had issues with my dandelion. The stem was too green and the flower part not big enough.

I fixed it by adding more seeds and painted a bit of yellow over the stem.





The Day I Drowned my Peeps

Our family started a new tradition a few years ago. We go out for Easter dinner.

It was my Mom’s idea really. We used to do a big dinner with extended family but over time it had dwindled to just my crew and My mom and Dad. We always went to her house because mine is very small and she no longer felt it was worth the time and effort to have a big dinner at home so now we go out somewhere that will make the ham for us!

That still leaves dessert though, and that’s my territory. This year I decided to try and make these Chocolate Easter Peeps from Raining Hot Coupons

She put hers on lollipop sticks, but I decided to just sit them on foil to dry so they would be like chocolates rather than pops.



I melted the chips in bowl, set the peeps out on a sheet of foil, got some forks for dipping and got too it!

Time to dip the peeps!

(sorry about the blur)

attached tails and set them to cool.



At this point I feel the need to mention how…er…floppy the peeps were when dipped in the melted chocolate. I cant imagine them holding their shape if they weren’t laying flat. Also the extra chocolate did not drip off, we had to scrape it off and even then you can see how much pooled up around the bunnies. I suspect it had something to do with the fact that I used chocolate chips instead of melting discs.  But I wanted good chocolate so I dealt.

As I mentioned, and you can see, they were not the neatest of things. Things didn’t improve much after they cooled either.


I was able to get most of the extra chocolate chipped off and even if they weren’t pretty, they were delicious!


And since you only use 6 mini marshmallows I had plenty left to make Rice Krispie treats!


I’m Baaack!! (and I brought eggs)

Cheering is over for the season and I am over the plague so I can finally get back to crafting!!

I’ve missed it so.

Since Easter is Sunday my triumphant return will be….Easter Eggs!!

We did a few different methods of Easter egg decorating:  nail polish marbling, sprinkles and shaving cream and food coloring.

First we’ll cover shaving cream and food coloring. I got the directions at A Thrifty Mom.

I put a bunch of shaving cream into a plastic container and added food coloring…



Then I swirled it all around…


Looking at it, I can see in this picture what my first mistake was…I used a light color and I didn’t use enough of the colors i did use. Didn’t know it at the time though, so I rolled that egg!


I also didn’t leave the shaving cream on long enough so the colors ended up rather muted.


My hands smelled great though 🙂 and I really thought they were pretty…just not as vibrant as the original.


Next up-Sprinkled eggs! I saw the directions somewhere that said to coat the eggs with sugar/water paste and put the sprinkles in a bag then add the egg. When I looked it up the only instructions I could find said to use tacky glue and roll the sprinkles on. I decided I would use Elmer’s (as it’s non toxic) but use the bag method.


I painted that eggy with glue and bagged it up.


So far so good, right? I covered it and took it out of the bag and this happened…



Things got worse from there. Even after I let it dry for quite awhile the sprinkles just fell off as soon as I touched it.


Silver lining here was that the sprinkles left behind color. So even though my egg ended up naked, it was still pretty!


Last up…nail polish marbled eggs. The instruction can be found here.

My daughter is the nail polish queen so we definitely had the supplies! I didn’t get very many pictures of the actual crafting part, but here is my prep.



Basically you take room temperature water, drop some nail polish in it, swirl it around then drop your egg in.

First I tried pink, blue and green. This worked pretty much like they said it would except that the pink polish didn’t swirl, it clumped. I thought I got all of the clumps but…no.



The other side looks a lot better I think. Especially after I dyed the egg green to cover the empty spaces.


Next I tried the coral and gold polish. I dyed this egg orange after the polish dried.

This one came out  beautifully I think!


The instructions said only one side of the egg would be marbled but I got both sides covered (along with my fingers and the egg dipper and the cup).

Well that’s my egg decorating adventures! I hope it was worth the wait and I expect to be posting a lot more now!


Been Gone Too Long


I’m a cheerleading coach and it’s competition season, therefore I am busy and stressed.  Crafts have simply not been the priority folks.

I did get a few things done but I failed to take pictures of the process 😦 but here they are anyway!

I made these valentine for my family…

DSCF0789 DSCF0790

These were for the kidlets and were made with scrapbook paper and images I printed off the interwebs. Sorry about that second picture, I couldn’t get it to behave.

DSCF0791 DSCF0792

This one was for the hubby. It is also made from scrapbook paper and printed clip art. I made the matchbook and matches from another piece of scrapbook paper and decorated with sharpies.

I also made some posters for decorating at cheer competition.


These were great fun to make and cheap too! I got the letters, posterboard, markers, duck-style tape, double sided tape, pompom things at Dollar Tree so these cost about $10 and I have letters, tape (both kinds and markers left.

Basically for three of them I punched out the letters and stuck them on with double sided tape. The striping on the upper left and lower right posters is duck-style tape. The lower right is drawn letters colored in. The pom pom thingies are package bows stuck on.

That’s all for now! In all honestly I probably won’t be doing many crafts for the next month either but our season is over in April so hopefully things will look up then!

Geeky Valentines

I signed up to send some homemade Valentines car out to some of the members of one of my crafting boards and tonight was the night I decided to make them!

These are nothing fancy because I really didn’t have much to work with, but I did put my heart (and my inner geek) into them and I hope the recipients like them.

Onto the project!!!


As you can see I did one with a Harry Potter theme. I got the printable from Love & Lion, but more on that later.

First thing I did was pick out some scrapbook paper. Then I took a leftover Christmas card and traced it on the back of a different piece.


You can’t tell from the picture, but I traced the card twice, side by side so I could fold it twice and only the patterned side of the paper would show.

Paper cut and folded once…


and twice…


That isn’t the paper I used. I wanted to do a test card.  Good thing too…


I tried again, slightly smaller and it worked!


Now for the fun part!

For my Harry Potter card I glued the printable inside…


and glittered that sucker up!


For the Sherlock card I simply cut a heart out of some paper with the 221B wallpaper printed on it and glued it inside the heart then drew on the yellow smiley.


I didn’t glitter this one, it just seemed wrong to do so 😉

On the front of both cards I wrote a Valentine message and on the inside I included a simple TO: and FROM:

I think they came out pretty well and I hope the ladies who receive them think so too!

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal-January

I participated in the Foodie Pen Pal program at The Lean Green Bean this month. This is the second time I have taken part in the program.

This month I was paired up with Jen in Georgia and she did a great job!

This is what I found when I opened the box…





The goodies just kept coming! She really sent me a haul!



Along with this lovely note 🙂



Right away I snitched those cookies and had some with a cup of tea….lovely! My son took off with the licorice and my daughter the rest of the tea. I knew it was a good idea to act fast 😉

In all we got:

Shortbread cookies
Nature Valley Bars (sweet and salty/yogurt granola)
Cliff Bars (chocolate brownie and white chocolate macadamia)
Sugar Free Hard Candy in Coffee and Fruit flavor
Pasta Roni in garlic olive oil
Watermelon licorice
A box of green tea
Goldfish Grahams in vanilla cupcake
Locally grown peanuts from a general store near her home

The bars went into our bag for our cheer competition for tomorrow. They look delicious and they will come in handy….we never get time to eat at those things! I am looking forward to the noodles too, they sound like they will go well with a balsamic chicken recipe I’m planning!

Thanks Jen!!

Graphic Fandom Art-The X-Files

X-Files was my first fandom. Well, after Scooby Doo 😉

I loved Doctor Who, I was immersed in X-Files.

I was in love with Mulder, I wanted to be Scully. I bought companion books (this was before I was on-line). I watched with baited breath every week. I knew the characters, in and out, backwards and forwards. I developed a bit of an obsession with cryptozoology.

I KNEW the truth was out there!

My fanaticism has faded a bit over the years, but Mulder and Scully will always hold a special place in my heart.

X-files had to be part of this project, but I wasn’t sure how. Thing is, I had kind of made a deal with myself when I began this to not use any text on the canvases. I wanted to not make it obvious what they were. I wanted people to have to think about it.

This text ban left out the obvious things like Mulder’s posters or the logo. I tried to copy the X part of the logo without the text but I just made a mess of it.

In the end I decided to replicate, in some way, the masking tape X in the window.

First I painted the canvas, grey again because it’s night…duh!


Decided to turn it portrait and then added a window to the upper left corner and added my X.


I kind of wonked up the upper corner there.

Then I drew a line down next to it to signify the corner of the building. Well, at least to me.


Then I drew my version of the Cigarette Smoking Man in the lower right corner. At first I tried to make it so he was holding his cigarette, but that looked like he had a glowing tumor on his shoulder so I painted it over and put the cigarette in his mouth.


The paint is still a little wet here, thus the smudgyness.

Here is a view of the whole thing…


I liked it…but you really couldn’t see the window from far away. Plus I felt like there should be light inside the window.

My solution was to color wash the inside of the window with the lighter grey. Then I had to re-draw the window lines and the X.

Here is the finished project!


I really like how it turned out! Especially considering the mess I made of the logo, which may or not have looked like white lady bits someone had infected with black amoeba. Yah, this is much better 🙂

This marks the last of my Fandom art projects. I’m getting kind of tired of them truth be told. Plus I’m out of canvases.

Here they all are!

DSCF0657  DSCF0642  DSCF0629  DSCF0605  DSCF0607

And here they all are on the wall!