The Day I Drowned my Peeps

Our family started a new tradition a few years ago. We go out for Easter dinner.

It was my Mom’s idea really. We used to do a big dinner with extended family but over time it had dwindled to just my crew and My mom and Dad. We always went to her house because mine is very small and she no longer felt it was worth the time and effort to have a big dinner at home so now we go out somewhere that will make the ham for us!

That still leaves dessert though, and that’s my territory. This year I decided to try and make these Chocolate Easter Peeps from Raining Hot Coupons

She put hers on lollipop sticks, but I decided to just sit them on foil to dry so they would be like chocolates rather than pops.



I melted the chips in bowl, set the peeps out on a sheet of foil, got some forks for dipping and got too it!

Time to dip the peeps!

(sorry about the blur)

attached tails and set them to cool.



At this point I feel the need to mention how…er…floppy the peeps were when dipped in the melted chocolate. I cant imagine them holding their shape if they weren’t laying flat. Also the extra chocolate did not drip off, we had to scrape it off and even then you can see how much pooled up around the bunnies. I suspect it had something to do with the fact that I used chocolate chips instead of melting discs.  But I wanted good chocolate so I dealt.

As I mentioned, and you can see, they were not the neatest of things. Things didn’t improve much after they cooled either.


I was able to get most of the extra chocolate chipped off and even if they weren’t pretty, they were delicious!


And since you only use 6 mini marshmallows I had plenty left to make Rice Krispie treats!



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