I’m Baaack!! (and I brought eggs)

Cheering is over for the season and I am over the plague so I can finally get back to crafting!!

I’ve missed it so.

Since Easter is Sunday my triumphant return will be….Easter Eggs!!

We did a few different methods of Easter egg decorating:  nail polish marbling, sprinkles and shaving cream and food coloring.

First we’ll cover shaving cream and food coloring. I got the directions at A Thrifty Mom.

I put a bunch of shaving cream into a plastic container and added food coloring…



Then I swirled it all around…


Looking at it, I can see in this picture what my first mistake was…I used a light color and I didn’t use enough of the colors i did use. Didn’t know it at the time though, so I rolled that egg!


I also didn’t leave the shaving cream on long enough so the colors ended up rather muted.


My hands smelled great though 🙂 and I really thought they were pretty…just not as vibrant as the original.


Next up-Sprinkled eggs! I saw the directions somewhere that said to coat the eggs with sugar/water paste and put the sprinkles in a bag then add the egg. When I looked it up the only instructions I could find said to use tacky glue and roll the sprinkles on. I decided I would use Elmer’s (as it’s non toxic) but use the bag method.


I painted that eggy with glue and bagged it up.


So far so good, right? I covered it and took it out of the bag and this happened…



Things got worse from there. Even after I let it dry for quite awhile the sprinkles just fell off as soon as I touched it.


Silver lining here was that the sprinkles left behind color. So even though my egg ended up naked, it was still pretty!


Last up…nail polish marbled eggs. The instruction can be found here.

My daughter is the nail polish queen so we definitely had the supplies! I didn’t get very many pictures of the actual crafting part, but here is my prep.



Basically you take room temperature water, drop some nail polish in it, swirl it around then drop your egg in.

First I tried pink, blue and green. This worked pretty much like they said it would except that the pink polish didn’t swirl, it clumped. I thought I got all of the clumps but…no.



The other side looks a lot better I think. Especially after I dyed the egg green to cover the empty spaces.


Next I tried the coral and gold polish. I dyed this egg orange after the polish dried.

This one came out  beautifully I think!


The instructions said only one side of the egg would be marbled but I got both sides covered (along with my fingers and the egg dipper and the cup).

Well that’s my egg decorating adventures! I hope it was worth the wait and I expect to be posting a lot more now!



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