Geeky Valentines

I signed up to send some homemade Valentines car out to some of the members of one of my crafting boards and tonight was the night I decided to make them!

These are nothing fancy because I really didn’t have much to work with, but I did put my heart (and my inner geek) into them and I hope the recipients like them.

Onto the project!!!


As you can see I did one with a Harry Potter theme. I got the printable from Love & Lion, but more on that later.

First thing I did was pick out some scrapbook paper. Then I took a leftover Christmas card and traced it on the back of a different piece.


You can’t tell from the picture, but I traced the card twice, side by side so I could fold it twice and only the patterned side of the paper would show.

Paper cut and folded once…


and twice…


That isn’t the paper I used. I wanted to do a test card.  Good thing too…


I tried again, slightly smaller and it worked!


Now for the fun part!

For my Harry Potter card I glued the printable inside…


and glittered that sucker up!


For the Sherlock card I simply cut a heart out of some paper with the 221B wallpaper printed on it and glued it inside the heart then drew on the yellow smiley.


I didn’t glitter this one, it just seemed wrong to do so 😉

On the front of both cards I wrote a Valentine message and on the inside I included a simple TO: and FROM:

I think they came out pretty well and I hope the ladies who receive them think so too!

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