Graphic Fandom Art-The X-Files

X-Files was my first fandom. Well, after Scooby Doo 😉

I loved Doctor Who, I was immersed in X-Files.

I was in love with Mulder, I wanted to be Scully. I bought companion books (this was before I was on-line). I watched with baited breath every week. I knew the characters, in and out, backwards and forwards. I developed a bit of an obsession with cryptozoology.

I KNEW the truth was out there!

My fanaticism has faded a bit over the years, but Mulder and Scully will always hold a special place in my heart.

X-files had to be part of this project, but I wasn’t sure how. Thing is, I had kind of made a deal with myself when I began this to not use any text on the canvases. I wanted to not make it obvious what they were. I wanted people to have to think about it.

This text ban left out the obvious things like Mulder’s posters or the logo. I tried to copy the X part of the logo without the text but I just made a mess of it.

In the end I decided to replicate, in some way, the masking tape X in the window.

First I painted the canvas, grey again because it’s night…duh!


Decided to turn it portrait and then added a window to the upper left corner and added my X.


I kind of wonked up the upper corner there.

Then I drew a line down next to it to signify the corner of the building. Well, at least to me.


Then I drew my version of the Cigarette Smoking Man in the lower right corner. At first I tried to make it so he was holding his cigarette, but that looked like he had a glowing tumor on his shoulder so I painted it over and put the cigarette in his mouth.


The paint is still a little wet here, thus the smudgyness.

Here is a view of the whole thing…


I liked it…but you really couldn’t see the window from far away. Plus I felt like there should be light inside the window.

My solution was to color wash the inside of the window with the lighter grey. Then I had to re-draw the window lines and the X.

Here is the finished project!


I really like how it turned out! Especially considering the mess I made of the logo, which may or not have looked like white lady bits someone had infected with black amoeba. Yah, this is much better 🙂

This marks the last of my Fandom art projects. I’m getting kind of tired of them truth be told. Plus I’m out of canvases.

Here they all are!

DSCF0657  DSCF0642  DSCF0629  DSCF0605  DSCF0607

And here they all are on the wall!



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