Graphic Fandom Art-Doctor Who

Those of you who are hoping for bow tie themed or something featuring fish fingers and custard are about to be disappointed. I love Ten and Eleven as much as the next gal but when I think of The Doctor, I think of jelly babies, K9 and very long, multicolored scarves.

Number Four is my Doctor.

Ah…Tom Baker! (that’s his face when he saw my finished project-sorry Tom.)

Brings back memories of sitting on the living room floor with my brothers waiting for the weekly episode to start…”woo-eee-ooo”

Yah, I’m old.

I knew that I wanted to recreate the scarf in some form.  Since these projects are supposed to be very simple, almost to the point of only being understood by someone “in the know”, I knew the color sequence would be the key. Of course while I was at the store I forgot my color list. The one I looked at on my phone called for mustard, bronze, camel, grey, rust, purple and green.  I got all those colors only to realize when I compared them to the real scarf that they were too bright by a mile.

Since when has inaccuracy stopped me?


The pattern I used was the Official BBC pattern on I used the first one.

The method to my madness was this:

First I divided my canvas into three columns. Then I took the length of the canvas, multiplied it my 3. Then I added up the total of rows in the pattern, divided the number of inches by the number of rows and got a measurement for each row. While laying out the rows I multiplied the row measurement by the number of rows for that color and marked it off. I then labeled each section with a dot of color.


Sound like a good plan doesn’t it? Well, my math must have been off because when I got to the end of my third row I still had several rows left to do. At that point I improvised, by which I mean I went rogue and made the last few rows the way I wanted them to look.

I figured that if I had the colors wrong I didn’t need the pattern to be exact, right?

OK. time to fill those suckers in!


This process was not with issues (you are shocked I know). Even though I had paint pens, it was very hard to stay in the lines. Plus I had to use regular paint for the purple and I couldn’t get good coverage. Then I smudged the not yet dry paint in a couple of spots.


I covered a lot of the rough edges by drawing black lines between the columns, and that neatened it up a bit, but I was decidedly “meh” about the project at this point.

I decided to clean up the outer edges by painting them charcoal. Then I got the idea to tone down the bright colors by color washing the whole canvas with the same charcoal color. I also turned it so it’s portrait rather than landscape.


I like it sooo much better now 🙂  The colors are much closer and the color wash hides my smudges and any pencil line that were showing through the lighter colors.

Tom Baker might not approve, but I do 🙂


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