Graphic Fandom Art-Miyazaki

Another thing I am a big fan of is Miyazaki. I absolutely LOVE his films!

I could wax philosophical for hours about Nausicaa, Totoro, Kiki and even Porco Roso! My favorite though has got to be Spirited Away. It’s just so beautiful, and amazing! That’s probably why I decided to make a No Face picture.

We can skip the painted canvas picture this time…same deal, different color. I chose a charcoal grey this time.


As you can see, I now have paint pens!!

I first sketched an outline of No Face onto the painted canvas with a pencil. I used a serving spoon to get the oval shape of No Face’s, well, face, then I colored it in with the white paint pen.


The white pen didn’t give good coverage over the charcoal paint, but after painting over some spots it came out pretty well. The pen was great for the edges though.

Next I used the black pen to color his robe in.  This worked better but would have taken a really long time to try and over every inch with the pen. I ended up scribbling heavily in small areas and while it was wet, spreading it out with a sponge brush.


It worked really well and still let me have control around the edges.

For his face a drew first with a pencil, then colored in with a paint pen. I used black and a lighter grey.


He isn’t perfect; his eyes are a little off, his face needs more coverage and his robe is a bit wonky, but I like my No Face 🙂



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