Graphic Fandon Art-Harry Potter

This was so simple and I think it came out really cool looking!

As you have probably gathered by the many Harry Potter crafts on this blog, we are big fans! We are, in fact, huge, dressing up for premieres, knowing our house, arguing about cannon fans. I could not leave HP out of my fandom project!

Trouble was, there are a lot of icons associated with Harry Potter. Of course, some are simpler to draw then others and judging by my last attempt I needed something really simple. In the end I went about as simple as you can get and chose the Deathly Hallows symbol.

I gathered my supplies once again!


Then I painted the canvas. I chose a background of Ravenclaw blue.


Once that was dry, I needed to get the symbol on there.  I considered painting it but I didn’t want to try and use the paintbrush again. I still didn’t have a paintpen, but I did have something almost as good…a whole mess of sharpies! I dug through that sucker and decided on a silver metallic sharpie. I would have used bronze but it was dried up.

First I measured and marked out the triangle points and marked them as well as the midpoint of the bottom for the elder wand line.


Then I connected the lines. Now I had to make the circle. No way was I going to attempt that freehand so I traced a drinking glass.


Pretty good, huh? I really like how this came out. Simple, easily recognized, neat looking. I’m pleased 🙂

There’s a little sharpie smudge in the middle there which I will probably paint over at some point but not now because I already cleaned up the paint and junk.


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