Graphic Fandom Art-Sherlock

Over the next few days I am going to be posting a series of art projects I am putting together. I plan on them being very simple, graphic representations of the various fandoms that I am, or have been, part of throughout my life.

Or that’s the idea anyway.

Today I am making a canvas based on Sherlock because the daughter and I have been re-watching season 2 on PBS and are eagerly, and impatiently, awaiting season 3. It doesn’t come anyplace we can get it until 1/19 so no spoilers please!

I wanted to make something based on Sherlock’s bored smiley face.

First thing I did was print off an example of the wallpaper and then set all my supplies…


I covered the canvas with Mod Podge and laid on the printed page. I smoothed out the bubbles and wrinkles and then flipped it over so I could fold the excess over and attach them too the back. This is when I realized I’d made a mistake…



The paper was too stuck to adjust now and I was really worried that with that pattern it would be really obvious. Kept going anyway though.

After I folded over the edges of the paper and attached them with more mod Podge it looked thus…


I let it dry a bit, then flipped in back over and attempted to paint the smilely.


I was not happy with how it turned out. When I was buying the stuff for this project I almost bought a paint pen for this and I really wish I had.

It did look a little better after a second coat…and from further away.


If you want to try this be careful when you attach the paper.  And spring for the paint pen.


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