Cheerio Bird Ornaments

I have my bird cookies stashed in the freezer and we decided to go with something easier this time around.

I chose Cheerio bird feeders from Happy Hooligans (and yes, everyone in this house is old enough to drive, your point?)

I told we opted for easy.

Basically you need pipe cleaners and cheerios.



You just make a loop on one end so the cereal doesn’t slide off…

nd start threading those little buggers on there!

Make sure to leave enough pipe cleaner un-threaded so that you can make a hook or loop to hang the ornament!

We had a great deal of fun making these.



This was one of my favorites…



So that’s it. Told you it was easy.

Tomorrow I am going to make another type of bird feeder and then we decorate the tree. Honestly I am hoping it will be warmer then, we had a high of 12F today (and don’t worry the birds already have food).


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