Coffee Sugar Scrub

Daughter and I were looking for something to make her teachers for Christmas.

Said something has to be:

1. Easy, as Daughter has to be able to do most of it herself.
2. Cheap, because poor
3. gluten free and milk free so Daughter can work with it and not get exposed to anything she shouldn’t.

After perusing Pinterest I decided to try a sugar scrub. I liked this recipe from Happy Mothering:


I also like this one from Hairspray & Highheels:


I ended up sort of combining the two and putting my own twist on it.

3/4 C coffee grounds
1/4 C used coffed grounds
1 C granulated sugar
1/2 C olive oil
1 TBSP ground ginger
1 TBSP ground cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg

Now, I didn’t really have any used grounds since we have a Kuerig machine so I broke open a couple of those suckers!


Here is all the dry stuff in a bowl:


Then I added the oil….


At this point I figured out that I should have mixed up the dry stuff before adding the oil but too late now!

Once it was all mixed up…


I transferred it to a jar I had been saving.


You can’t really tell in the photo but there is still a label attached to the other sides of the jar. This was basically a trial run so that scrub will be transferred to a better container (along with the rest still left in the bowl) once I buy some small mason jelly jars. Since as far as I can figure this recipe should fill 3-4 of those jars Daughter will need to make 2 more batches to cover all her teachers and therapists gift-wise. It’s easy enough for her to do on her own and cheap enough too, since we have plenty of ground coffee and spices!

Coffee Sugar Scrub=Teacher gifts success!!

Edited to add….we made some more scrub and found cute containers for teacher gifts 🙂 I ended up printing some labels for the tops too.


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