Beachy Christmas Ornament

Here I go again with the beachy versions of winter stuff.

I finally found some clear, fillable ornaments and was so excited (yeah I know) to try my hand at making one of the many (many, many) versions on Pinterest!

Problems appeared. I had no Holiday themed sprinkles for this one…


or floor polish for this one…


or fake snow with little trees for this one…


What I did have was some left over beach sand and shells from my badly executed Summer Sand Globe. I also had a few smaller shells I had purchased while in Bar Harbor this summer.

Game on.

All ready…

ittle non-native shells

arger native stuff

First you put some sand into the ornament…


not too much or it gets really heavy!

Then you add some beachy stuff like shells, dried seaweed and such.


and trimmed it out with some ribbon!

please ignore the ramen in the background)

I like how this came out. It’s much nicer than the sand globe and will be the perfect gift for a certain land locked friend of mine 🙂

I do wish it was a little more colorful but without the addition of sea glass, which is very hard to find, there is no real way to add color and still be authentic.

Oh well, I will stick with realism!

My beachy Christmas ornament? Well…


it’s authentic!!


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