Christmas Light Jar

There was a time in my life when i had a huge glass jar that lived on my kitchen table. I would fill said jar with various things like silk lilacs in the spring, colorful leaves in the fall, sparkly skulls at Halloween and of course Christmas ornaments in December. I haven’t used my jar since the boy got older and we started using the kitchen table for homeschool work and frankly, I had forgotten about it.

That is until hubby cleaned out the junk cabinet (yes, we have a junk cabinet) and found it. It was a bit worse for the wear, dusty and full of seeds (don’t ask) but we cleaned it up and I decided to use it again for Christmas decorating!

To get ideas I perused Pinterest and found several ideas like this:


and this:


(both of which linked to a picture)

and this:


from Prairie Flower Farm  

That last one included potpourri in the jar and fresh cut branches. When you plug the lights in the heat of the bulbs releases the scent.

I wasn’t sure about the idea of potpourri, but I did like the idea of more than just lights in the jar.

In the end I decided to put some silk flowers and a few Christmas balls in with plain white lights.



Project prep!

I had silk holly sprigs, silk white poinsettias, a few sparkly ornaments and a string of 20 white lights.

I just kind of layered in the light and the flowers, sort of spiraling the lights up the sides of the jar.



I quickly found that some of the wire stems were too long. That was quickly remedied!


Once I had the thing all stuffed I plugged in the string of lights.

Right away I noticed that some stems were showing, so I pulled a few things out and rearranged until they didn’t anymore.




It was hard to get the light right.



I wish there  was a way to make it so the cord didn’t hang out the side, but overall I am happy with it!



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