Disney Wrap Up

This will not be a craft post. No cooking either. Why? Because the daughter and i just got back from Disney World. Daughter had a great time. She also has autism and food allergies which makes traveling difficult.

In this entry I am going to let you all know how that went for us!

It’s my blog and I’ll do what I like.

First of all let us speak of the Disability Access Pass.

Here it is:



As you can see, we didn’t use it a lot. There were a few reasons for that.

First of all we had magic bands and were able to secure fast passes for all the rides we really wanted to ride ahead of time.

Secondly the park just weren’t that busy. We had wait times of 5min to 20min for the most part (the exception was Toy Story Midway Mania which I will get into in a bit).

Thirdly, a lot of cast members just let us through. So we used it, but it never got written on. This was especially true for character meet and greets (camp Mikey Minnie) and shows (Voyage of the Little Mermaid). I’m sure this had a lot to do with the short lines and the fact the show we went to was only minutes from starting.

We did use it once though, for Toy Story Midway Mania. This is an insanely popular ride and was the longest line we encountered.

Here’s how it went:

We approached a cast member and were immediately sent to a different cast member. This happened almost every time we used the card, it seems that only certain cast members are allowed to sign the cards.

That cast member wrote a return time and also told the time to us verbally. Our time was about an hour away, the on-line wait at that time was 65min.

We grabbed dinner and came back at that time and were then directed to the fast pass line.

For this ride we still had to wait BUT it was about 15min as opposed to 90min for the on-line riders. It worked for us, but I can see where it might be problematic. The cast member did say that the line was a little long for fast pass and that we could wait to see if it thinned out. Daughter wasn’t going to leave the ride again so we waited.

Just as a reference, here is the run down of the rides we rode and the wait times. Sometime the on line wait was so short that it seemed a shame to use fast pass but I will get into that more later.

Magic Kingdom:
Haunted Mansion-FP, OL 10min
Journey of the Little Mermaid-FP, OL  15min
Small World-5min
Ariel’s Grotto-DAP sent us through, OL 25min
Pirates of the Carribean-FP, OL 10min
Jungle Cruise-5min
Tinkerbell’s Magicical Nook-10min
Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride-10 min
Splash mountain-20min (I would have used the DAP but daughter didn’t want to leave and come back)

The Seas with Finding Nemo-5min
Journey into Imagination-FP, OL 10min
The Land-FP, OL 15min
Soarin-FP, wait 20min, OL 55min
Maelstrom-DAP sent us through, OL 15min
Gran Fiesta Tour-5min
Character Meet, Sleeping Beauty-15min

Animal Kingdom:
Kilimanjaro Safari-FP about 10 min, didn’t note the OL wait
Expedition Everest-10 min
Kali River Rapids- FP, no wait,  didn’t note the OL time
Dinosaur-FP no wait, not sure of OL wait
Camp Mickey Minnie-DAP sent us through

Hollywood Studios:
Toy Story Midway Mania-DAP 20 min, OL 90min
Voyage of the Little Mermaid-DAP sent us through, show in 5min (apparently that what they do, give you are return time 5-10 minutes before the next show)

The longest wait we had was waiting to get into Be Our Guest for lunch, that was 45 minutes! It was easier though because one of us could stay in line while the other took M to check out the “Belle stuff” in the nearby store or to get a drink or use the bathroom. Plus the line is entirely outdoors so not so tight.

We had the magic bands with fast pass plus and so were able to pick out 3 fast passes for each day (all in the same park) and link them to our bands. This was great in that we were able to pick our top three and make sure we got on them. It was bad in that we ended up using them for rides we didn’t really need them for. Yes, you can change them, either using a phone  app or at the kiosks at the parks, but we found that it’s difficult to find a new ride with passes available and the app acted up for us. For instance; we got to Epcot and found that there were no lines at The Seas so we elected to not use the FP. A cast member told us we could change it so after we got through we tried to do that. The app wasn’t cooperating so we had to either change time or attraction. The only other attraction available was Journey into Imagination so I chose that and then tried to change the time to see what else was available during that time. No other times were available.

Whop whop.

We ended up going to JiI and just using the FP for that, even though there was a very short line. Not that I’m complaining, not needing to use fast passes is a good problem to have!

Now, onto the food!

Disney is well known for being sensitive to those who have food allergies and our experience definitely reflected that.

First some pictures!

Be Our Guest-Magic Kingdom
Carved Turkey Sandwich, no condiments (there were some she could have had but she doesn’t like them) and pommes frites.

aglan Road-Downtown Disney
Special GFCF Fish and Chips (omg good, I kept stealing bites)

hef de France-Epcot
Roast chicken (no sauce), roast potatoes, broccoli (which she didn’t eat, we supplemented with cucumbers).

ak and Yeti-Animal Kingdom
Burger with GFCF buns, shoestring fries

BC Commissary-Hollywood Studios
Allergy free chicken tenders and fries.

verything Pop Shop and Dining-Pop Century Resort
GFCF waffle available and specially prepared, served with bacon. We added banana because the fruit that came with was strawberries which M doesn’t like.

arle of Sandwich-Downtown Disney
Grilled chicken with a side of cucumbers. We supplemented with a fruit cup.

In most cases the chef would come out and show us what she could order off the menu. They were also willing to modify things when possible but M always picked something offered. There were a few exceptions; at Earle of Sandwich we spoke to the manager who handled it for us. At Be Our Guest the ordering kiosks have filters for allergens and cast members will help you order. We tried everything she ate and the food was VERY good.  The bread was excellent! The only thing was she ate a lot of fries. This was due in part to preference, she loves fries! Also, she hates cooked veggies to the point of aversion. We tried to counteract this by getting her fruit for snacks and breakfast and getting sides of carrots and cucumbers whenever possible, We mostly ate breakfast in our room from brought food (M had Glutino toaster pastry, Chex cereal and fruit to chose from) but did have waffles that one morning.


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