Cork Christmas Tree

This was one of those pins that just led back to a picture. I didn’t even pin it so I had to go on memory.

Basically it looks like wine corks were cut on angles and attached together so they look like a Christmas Tree. I figured I could handle it so I raided my mom’s stash of wine corks and set myself to the task.



First I cut the corks and let me tell you, cutting cork is NOT easy! The boy helped me, and he’s no slouch, and it still took forever and a lot of arm strain. Eventually though, we got it done!


The edges of the corks in the picture were nice and smooth. Mine were all nasty and jagged. Of course, that may have had something to do with the fact that I used a dull knife…

Anyway…then we glued them together so they made something vaguely tree shaped.



I didn’t have any gems to decorate like the original so I got out the mod podge and the glitter.



I put gold glitter over the top so it was the “star” and brown glitter on the bottom because it was the tree stand. Clever, huh? Don’t answer that.

Here is a picture that shows the glitter better.



Sorry it’s so blurry.

I think this came out pretty well! It’s very “rustic” but that’s OK. From what I remember it looks like the original, except not as polished. Then again, with me making it did you really expect polished?



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