Halloween Wrap Up!

I know this is late but right after Halloween we had a virus run through the house. I felt like crap for days so I never got around to posting…sorry!

Our Halloween tradition is to make a dinner of spooky foods, carve pumpkins and dress up. Nobody felt like dressing up this year 😦 so instead we added watching a scary movie to our regular routine. We chose The Woman in Black.

Our appetizers consisted of these baby mummy dogs made by wrapping cocktail weenies in thin strips of crescent dough. We found we could make 7 mummies from each crescent roll so this feeds a crowd for sure!


There was also this poor pumpkin who had too much candy…


but the guacamole vomit was delicious! Rather than carve this litle guy we just cut a notch out for his mouth, lined it with plastic wrap and drew on the face.

For dinner we had what were supposed to be mummy pizzas, but we forget the olives so they were eyeless and not worthy of their own picture. They are easy to make! You just use English muffins for the crusts, add sauce and top with sliced mozzerella that we had cut into strips and then laid across the muffins. You are supposed to then use black olive slices for eyes but…yeah.

We also had a rice brain..


and breadstick bones!


The brain was made by putting hot rice in a bowl then once it was a little cooler we turned it out onto the plate, sculpted it into the brain shape and added ketchup “blood”. The bones are canned bread stick dough shaped into bone shapes. We served them with marinara “blood” sauce.

Here is the whole spread…



There is a plate of gluten free/dairy free english muffin pizzas back there using store bought gf/df muffins, tomato sauce and daiya cheese. My daughter decorated a bottle of lime soda to look like toxic waste.

Here is a close up of dessert!


Which was rice krispie treats made using 1/2 pumpkin spice marshmallow and topped with Halloween sprinkles and gluten free brownies from a mix with ghost peeps on top.

After dinner and a movie we carved pumkins!


It was raining out so no good pictures from that night but here is one from the next day

securedownload (11)

All in all it was a fun night! We even had our own scary moment when our woodpile outside fell over right in the middle of the movie! My youngest was convinced it was zombies but we are pretty sure it was the rain, or maybe neighbor kids 😉


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