Rib Cage Tee Shirt

I found this on Pinterest. I was searching for a DIY Halloween shirt because we are going to a free showing of the movie Hocus Pocus this week ad I wanted to look festive. My daughter is dressing up (costumes are encouraged) as a deer and my son as a hunter. I wasn’t sure I wanted to wear an actual costume, but I did want to get in the spirit.

There were several pins for “skeleton tees”, some of them looked like skulls, some like rib cages, some were very abstract, some more realistic. I decided I wanted the ribcage kind and that the best one was at marthastewart.com because it had templates for the rib cage.

I took a trip to Wal~mart to pick out a shirt. My original plan was to buy a purple too and put a lime green tank under it but then I realized that a tank would be too low cut. Plus I couldn’t find either of those things for a reasonable price. What I did find was an orange oversize tee shirt for $5. Bingo! I would wear it over my black turtleneck.

Once at home I printed out my templates, laid out my tee shirt and got to work!

Martha’s directions say to fold the shirt so the side seams line up, lay it on a cutting mat, attach the template with adhesive spray and cut out the holes with a rotary cutter.

Well, I don’t have a rotary cutter, adhesive spray or a cutting mat. I was forced to improvise.

Here is what I did.

First of all, here is one of the templates.


I cut out the black sections to make a stencil and lined it up with the center of the front of the shirt.


Then I lined the shirt with a sheet of tinfoil and traced with a sharpie. When the first side was done I flipped the stencil over and did the other side of the shirt.


I did the same thing on the back with the back template.


At this point all (ha!) I had left to do was to cut out all the bone sections. It was not easy. I can totally see why Martha recommends the rotary cutter people. It is very difficult to cut tee shirt material and my scissors suck. By the time I was done my eyes hurt, my back hurt and I was really tired of cutting out bone shapes.

But I did it peeps!

When I was finally done I had a tee shirt that looks like this:


and this:


Which I have come to believe is a kind of visual representation of my sanity.

I am very happy with how the front turned out! The back? Not so much. My daughter liked it though, she said it looked like hanging flesh. We’ll go with that but I think if you try this you should just do the front.

And  use the rotary cutter.  Seriously.

Edited to add a picture of me in my shirt and Halloween bow and one of my kids in costume 🙂


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