Fall Gourd

When we went apple picking the other day we did not pick pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. Why not? (you ask) Because we are cheap and you can get pumpkins for a lot less at Lowes or Walmart. Plus, most of them were a little soft from sitting in the field too long.

We did get gourds though. Because they were $.99.

But that left me stuck with a gourd to decorate instead of a pumpkin and you can’t carve gourds.

So I looked up no-carve pumpkin decorating on Pinterest and I came up with this…

pumkin decorating header

DIY Pumpkin decorating from The Sweet Escape

I knew we would need little leaves because gourds are smaller than pumpkins.

The daughter and I hit the front yard and found some, then came inside to get our craft on!


I skipped the part where she painted the pumpkin because I figured my gourd was pale enough already.

Let me tell you, I’m not sure if it was because my gourd was so small and rounded or because I am uncoordinated, but it is NOT easy to get those suckers to lay anything near flat.

After a crap ton of mod podge and a lot of frustration, this was the result:


Yeah…not so good.

I basically decided to wait until the mod podge was at least partially dry and then try to stick the edges down. I was only somewhat successful.


As you can see, although they are definitely better attached, they are still not glued down flat like in the original project.

You can probably also tell that I added something. It didn’t show up well in the pictures but we gave the gourd a bit of fine, red, glitter. It actually makes the gourd catch the light and really improved the project. You can’t tell from the pictures though, because my camera picked now to run low on batteries which meant crappy(er) pictures.

Also, once it was fully dry, the gourd had a nice shine from the mod podge. Would have taken a picture but, you know, dead battery.

It turned out worse than I was hoping and better than I thought it would after first trying to stick those leaves on. Not sure if that makes it a win or a fail? Either way it was not an easy or a fun project, at least not with a gourd.

I would recommend springing for the pumpkin.


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