Pose-able Mummy

I got this idea from Family Chic


an adorable little mummy you can pose!

For this you need:
Flexible wire
Wire Clips

I wanted to make this an upcycle project so I asked hubby if he had any wire I could use.

He gave me this:


Wire cutting pliers and some more of that copper wire we used in the ill fated wine bottle bird feeder.

Works for me!

I bent that sucker into  a vaguely human shaped shape.


I wanted to make his arms longer but I had just enough to make it as is.

Now for the “wrapping”. I didn’t have any muslin but I did have some rolled gauze left over from when my dad had surgery.

But not much. So I had the idea to bulk up my mummy form before putting the gauze on by wrapping it in duck tape first.

I planned to use white tape but found out it had been used up by my husband when he installed the AC units this spring (what? Can’t you use the regular silver kind for that?).

All I had left was zebra tape.


Good news is…mummy look FABULOUS!

Once you got all the gauze on (all 2 rolls) he looked more mummy-like.


and he certainly is pose-able!

Although when I tried to sit him like the mummy in the picture, I ended up with this:


so apparently my wire was not as flexible as it could have been. Also, his arms are too short.

All in all I was happy with him. He is super cute and is pose-able, if a little stiff. It was pretty easy too, and not expensive, even if I had to buy wire and gauze (or muslin).

I do suggest you invest in the right wire if you are going to make this, and make sure your mummy’s limbs are plenty long. Also, skipping the duct tape step (or not adding it) would be a good idea.

My take on tiny. moveable mummies?



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