Spooky Spiders in a Jar

I saw this craft on Mason Jar Love and thought it was scary/awesome and looked so easy!


I already had a mason jar and craft paint so I went to Dollar Tree to pick up a package of spider webs, and a light.  I was all set to go!


However, things started going bad almost right away.

First of all the light I bought did not work. I should learn not to buy anything that has the possibility to “not work” at Dollar Tree.

Than the package of webbing only had 4 plastic spider rings in it. What a rip off! Of course by the time I sat own to do this the store was closed. I guess my spider jar will just have to be sparsely populated. Maybe there was some kind spider plague or someone set off a spider bomb or something.

Oh well…onward!

The first thing you need to do is snip off the “ring” portion of the spider rings.


Then you fluff the webbing and stuff it in the jar.  That part was easy.

Next you place the spider amongst  the webbing in the jar. That part is not so easy.

Those stupid plastic spiders get caught on the webbing and do not want to move down the side of the jar, You end up with them all bunched up at the top. I had to remove half of the webbing to get some spider lower in the jar.

Once they were all in there I put on the cover and painted it with black acrylic craft paint.


I also added a bit to the outsie of the jar to make it look dirty (and maybe because I got some on there by mistake and decided to make pretend I did that on purpose).


I really liked how these turned out despite the lack of lighting and sparseness of spiders. Plus you could conceivably re-use the mason Jar once Halloween is over, you would just need a new cover. In my opinion a better use of spider’s webbing then trying to stretch it out and stick in the bushes, which is what I usually do.

Spooky? I’m not so sure…

DSCF9802  DSCF9808

but better than clumpy webs in bushes.

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