DIY Shrinky Dinks

I found the idea for these DIY Shrinky Dinks on Curbly.


Basically, you draw on some #6 plastic with sharpies and then cook it in the oven for a bit and they shrink like shrinky dinks. Pretty cool! I loved those things when I was a kid.

This was pretty easy too since I had some #6 plastic just hanging around.


The rectangular one looks cloudy because it got dirty and I scratched the living heck out of it trying to get the salad dressing off it. didn’t work either. I finally had to use windex.  The pin said clean plastic, I made it clean.

The next step is to cut off the sides so that you have a flat piece of plastic…


The circular piece reminded me of candy corn so I separated the wedge shaped bits and colored them…


What was left looked kind of like a snowflake to me so I colored it with a silver sharpie. At this point I started thinking snow so I drew a snowman shape on the flat piece, punched a hole in it for a hanger and placed them all on a foil lined cookie sheet. My hope was that I would get a Christmas ornament out of this but really, I just wanted to see if it would work.

The directions said to put foil directly on the rack to hold the pieces but I knew that would end badly for my clumsy self so I went with the cookie sheet for easier removal.

Here are all my pieces before…


and after.


It worked! Of course some worked better than others. I like how the snowman came out and some of the candy corn came out well too, but others were a bit curly.


And that “snowflake”?


It ended up looking more like a squashed bug.

According to the instructions you should be able to flatten out the curly ones if you act fast enough, but I guess I wasn’t fast enough.

Anyway…I did like how most of these turned out and I think that I will try them again soon. I’m calling it a win even though some of them were seriously messed up. I think i will try tracing some pictures instead of freehanding it since an artist I ‘aint.

My daughter says she would like to make some too so it looks like another trip to the salad bar is in order!


I made another ornament this morning. At the request of my daughter I made a stained glass type ornament using an image from Daily Coloring Pages.

After tracing, coloring and cutting it out, into the oven it went…



You can’t really tell from the photo but that’s about 3″ in diameter.

Here it is when it was done it looked like this:



I really like how it came out but will start with a larger image next time. Also, I forgot to punch a hole to hang this “duh”.

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