Halloween Lantern Jars

Time for another Halloween craft!

This time I picked these Halloween Decoupage jars from Taste of Home.


Cute, no?

I dug out my Mod Podge, found a jar and picked up some Halloween themed tissue paper.


Then I cut the tissue paper of choice into strips…


slathered that jar up with Mod Podge…


and stuck the paper on there.


As you can see, there wasn’t good stickage where the strips of tissue paper overlapped.  I tried to fix that with my top coat of Mod Podge,


After coating that jar I realized it might be too dark to be an effective lantern. Plus I wanted to try and make one with a face so I went in search of another jar and found this little guy.


and covered it with the orange-ish tissue.


Next I printed off some faces from the Taste of Home website, cut them out and Mod Podged them on.


Isn’t it cute?

I left them to dry overnight and this was the finished product!


This was a pretty easy project except for the part where you smooth out the tissue paper. That part didn’t go so well. I also ended up covered in Mod Podge but that could have been me. My fine motor skills are not the best if truth be told. The top edges were difficult for me too. I had to apply more Mod Podge in the morning to neaten them up.


As you can see the candy corn jar is not too dark for the light to shine through, although the jar got very hot after just a few minutes so I’m not sure that using it for a candle holder is such a great idea. The Jack-o-Lantern was fine, but then I was just burning a birthday candle in it. I think I will try a tea light in that one later and just plan on putting candy in the other one! I also didn’t like how obvious the parts where the tissue paper overlapped were.

Frankly I thought they came out OK…it worked but not something I’d display for company or give as gifts or anything. If I were to try again (and I just might) I would be more careful when overlapping and with the top edge.



Not so much. Also messy and a possible fire hazard.

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