Paper Bag Halloween Tree

The other day I got the urge to craft. With Halloween coming I had so many cool ideas to chose from! However, once again money got in the way. Our family is one that has been affected by the shutdown and although we are OK for now I just couldn’t justify spending money on crafting materials. Time to take a look around!

What did I find? Some pipe cleaners, the odd foam sheet, sharpies up the wazoo and…a plethora of those little brown paper lunch bags. I had bought a bunch last year for a bake sale and nobody wanted their stuff in a bag so I have a crapload left over. My kids are way past the paper bag puppet stage so those piles of bags sat in a drawer unused.

I went to Pinterst and searched “paper bag crafts” and found this:


Paper Bag Trees from

The first issue with this project is they use full sized paper shopping bags.  I figured that I could just make a smaller tree but because the lunch bags are thinner, I also doubled them up.

Here is them laid out flat and cut:


The directions say to wrap the bag around a water bottle but since my bag was small I used this instead.


All wrapped up!


Here it is after the initial twist…


After this you are supposed to twist the cut bits together to make the main branches and then cut the untwisted parts into smaller strips and twist for the smaller branches. I found that after twisting the larger strips I ended up with already separated strips, possibly because I doubled up the bags, At any rate I didn’t end up cutting anything and I got smaller branches.

After twisting the big branches…


and the 2nd.


I wanted a little something extra for my tree so I made this raven. I just drew one on the cut out bottom of the bag and stuck him on there.


Let me say this…tose branches are harder to twist then you think they are going to be and they tend to un-twist themselves when you aren’t looking. I wish there was some way to glue them once they look like you want them too. It was pretty easy besides that though and I think it looks pretty good.

Paper Bag Halloween Tree…



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