Penguin Cake…sort of

My daughter Is crazy about penguins. She also loves  cookie bars. So when she requested cookie bars in place of cake for her birthday I knew just how to decorate them!

First I gathered all the ingredients:


For the penguins you need:

tootsie rolls (one per penguin)
mini marshmallows
orange colored morsels

Here’s how you do it.

First take you tootsie roll and slice a bit off the bottom…


then you round off the big piece (this will be the body)…


cut the smaller part in half and flatten both into wing shaped and attach them to the body.


Next take a mini marshmallow and cut off a slice then stick that slice to the front of the body like so.


This next part is kind of tricky. Cut off two tiny pieces of marshmallow and roll them into balls then stick them on as eyes. It’s trick because those little suckers are sticky! They need to be to stick to the body but they also want to stick to your fingers. Just be patient and try using the end of you knife.


For this next part make sure you have a very sharp knife. You need to cut the tip off…


and stick it on the penguin to make a beak.


And you have a penguin!!


Or a bunch! These guys are hanging out waiting for me to make the cookie bars 🙂

Of course it probably would have been easier to just put on eyes and beaks with décor icing but I didn’t have any and I did have orange morsels and mini marshmallows so there’s that. You work with what you’ve got people!

Next I baked the cookie bars. For them ou need:

yellow or white cake mix
5 tbsp. butter
2 eggs
2 C chocolate chips or m&ms or whatever you like

Basically you melt the butter and mix it all together and spread it in the pan like so…


The batter will be VERY thick and sticky and you are probably going to have to use your hands to spread it into the pan. Get them wet to help keep the dough from sticking to your hands.  The recipe calls for a 9X13 but I can’t get the batter to spread that far. I use either a 8.5X12 disposable or an 8X8.

Once the bars had cooked and cooled I frosted with vanilla frosting and got ready for the next step in cake decorating…the igloo!


Basically I just built up levels of sugar cubes until we got something vaguely igloo shaped…


and topped it with more frosting “snow” and a penguin 🙂


I finished it off with a blue sugar “ocean” at one end w/ some icebergs then populated it with penguins!


Penguin love ❤


You know you can swim, right buddy?




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