More Washer Necklaces

Remember those necklaces from a few days ago? Turns out I created a monster and the monster is me!

I decided to try some book themed pendants. My plan was to use text from the books and stick it to the washers. I went to Lowes with hubby and got a bunch of different washers (for $3…score!), dug out my extra copy of Sorcerer’s Stone and my extra copy of Series of Unfortunate Events and set to work!

I will say I felt a little guilty about cutting up a book for this but not enough not to do it! I have listed this as “cheap” an “upcycle” but obviously that is only true if you use books you either a. already have or b. buy used. New books ‘aint cheap!

I didn’t have much luck with text as it’s hard to fit it correctly on a circle shaped washer. I did manage to make this one though. It’s part of the Ravenclaw portion of the Sorting Hat’s song.


The one next to it is baby Harry…isn’t he sweet? That washer has a small hole in it like the Ravenclaw one but I can’t poke it out or Harry will look like a homicide victim.

I had better luck with the little illustrations at the beginning of chapters.

This is baby Norbert…


and Harry and the Mirror of Erised.


and quidditch! (I really like this one)


At this point my daughter saw what I was doing and asked if I could make her a “Japan” necklace.


I have no idea what it says. If you can read Japanese and it says something dirty I don’t want to know!

I managed to get a few good ones from my Series of Unfortunate Events book too!
I was much happier because these came from the front and back of the book so I left the book completely readable.  Yay me!

DSCF9638 DSCF9639

You may have noticed that I am now used waxed string which I like must better! I also love the addition of beads.
They also make good clasps for the necklaces:

DSCF9642 DSCF9643

They held pretty well, just make sure you get the whole bead and the knot through the loop (like I did NOT in the picture) and double over the loop if you are concerned. I wore one all afternoon and it never came undone.

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