Washer Necklaces for the Pintester Movement

I took on this craft as part of the Pintester Movement.  For more info click the awesome banner below!

I highly recommend visiting Sonja’s blog so go there. Seriously, do it!


I decided to attempt Washer necklaces from Craftster.


Honestly I chose them because I thought I had most of the stuff. I knew I had scrapbook paper, Mod Podge  and cording and I figured hubby would have some washers in his shed of manliness.

Weeelll…not exactly.

I did have paper, that was good, but the cording was way too thick, the mod Podge had a big hardened plug at the top of it and hubby only had smallish washers, not the big type needed for this craft.


Being that it Is still a week until payday we had to either make it work for little $ or re-think. Thinking is hard people. After assessing the situation we managed to get the plug out of the Mod Podge and it looked OK. Hubby assured me washers are cheap so we headed out to the mega-mart. About $2 later ($1 for three large washers, $.75 for stretch cording) and we were good to go!



First step is to trace and cut out the paper used to cover our washer…


Cutting the inside circle out was difficult so by the second one I cut through to make it easier. I figure we are gluing it down anyway, right?


Once cut you need to Mod Podge the washer and the back of the paper…


stick them together and then cover with more MP and let dry.


I missed the part where it said a thin layer of MP so it took a loooong time to dry. But dry they eventually did!


Except maybe that orange one. Oh well, I’m tired of waiting!

At this point the original tutorial says to apply a thick layer of something called “glossy accent” and wait 24 hours. Well, I couldn’t find that stuff and if I wait 24hrs I risk missing the deadline for the Pintester Movement so we are going to skip that step. I used glossy MP so I say good enough!

Now time to make this into a necklace.

The cord was pretty kinky. Usually I like that in a person but not in my cord.


I cut a length of cord (sorry didn’t measure) and tied it together at the top. To attach the washer I just made a loop around it and pulled through.
This is the final result:


I think they will be cute once un-kinked! I am wearing this one now in an attempt to make that happen but since it ended up hanging in my cleavage I don’t know how well it will work.

Here’s all three.



9 thoughts on “Washer Necklaces for the Pintester Movement

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  2. I made these once and sprung for the “glossy accent.” They came out like crap. Yours are way better. And bringing attention to your cleavage is never a bad thing.

  3. I agree with Kelly, cleavage attention is pretty much never bad–and if the necklace is hiding in it, that means you have great cleavage. Just think of the kinky cord as an additional expression of your personality. Makes the necklace even more personal. Loved this idea and glad to see a real person try it!

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