Easy-Peasy Car Bomb Cupcakes

This Is an old one. I made these last St. Patrick’s day and everyone loved them!
Well not my son but he doesn’t like cake the weirdo or my daughter who had her own GF cake.

We used to have a little cupcake bakery in town that made the best Car Bomb cupcakes. Unfortunately they went out of business 😦 I feared St. Patty’s day might never be the same again until I hit on the idea of making my own. Thing is…I’m lazy. Like seriously. I hardly ever make bake goods from scratch and all the recipes I found looked so complicated!

Oh, and in case you don’t know know what makes a Car Bomb cupcake is, it is basically a chocolate stout cupcake filled with an Irish whiskey ganache and topped with an Irish Crème buttercream.

Finally after searching the interwebs for ideas, combining several and adding a dash of my own ingenuity and came up with this recipe. These are not completely authentic: real Car Bomb cupcakes are filled with chocolate whiskey ganache and mine are dipped in chocolate ganache-no whiskey. They are pretty close though and the are delicious!


Easy-peasy Car Bomb Cupcakes


for the cake
1 box dark Chocolate cake mix + ingredients to make it
Stout such as Guinness

for the frosting
Store bought vanilla frosting
Irish Cream coffee creamer
powdered sugar

for the ganache
1 bag dark or semi sweet chocolate chips
1 C  cream or half and half

Basically you make the cake mix subbing in stout in place of water, it’s really that simple.

For the frosting add a few tablespoons of creamer to the store bought frosting. Depending on the brand you may want more and then you may need to add some powdered sugar to get the frosting back to the right consistency.

For the ganache you need to heat the cream to almost boiling in a saucepan, take it off the heat then dump in the chocolate chips and stir until the chocolate is melted. That’s it! Ganache is one of those things that sound fancy and complicated but are seriously easy.

To assemble you need to bake and cool the cupcakes. While waiting for the cakes to cool you can make the frosting but do not make the ganache until you are ready to to the cakes as it will harden.

Once the cupcakes are ready and the ganache is ready just dip the tops in ganache and set them aside to cool again. They should look like this:


Once the ganache has set, you are ready to frost. I make a piping bag out of a ziplock bag with the corner snipped. I added green food color gel for festivity an topped with green sprinkles.



And there you have it! Car Bomb cupcakes for the lazy!


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