DIY Elastic Hair Ties

I was looking for a small gift to make for my cheerleaders when I came across these on Kelly Elizabeth:


I figured I could make them easily enough and who needs hair ties more than cheerleaders?

I searched the internet for glitter elastic and found some in our team colors (blue, red and silver).

Once the elastic arrived I started craftin’!
It took a little trial and error as the glitter elastic wasn’t quite as…well…elastic as the regular type. I ended up with longer pieces then the blog called for.
I used 10″-11″ pieces depending on the color. Silver was the most stretchy, blue the least.

Here is the result!


All ready to hand out to my cheer girlies!

All said I made about 60 of these things. It wasn’t difficult but my fingers hurt by the end (glitter is sharp peeps!) and I was covered in red white and silver sparkles. The cost was pretty minimal too; I spent $15 on elastic and got oodles of custom hair ties! This one is a WIN!


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